Teamly - got users, some traction and revenue - need a CTO! Teamly - got users, some traction and revenue - need a CTO!
San Francisco Bay Area
Project commitment:
Let's discuss our ideas and work on the one we think is best
Third time entrepreneur - with a background in ecommerce and telecoms - my last company - where I as CEO - was an award-winning telecoms virtual network targeting SMBs. I started my first business, a website selling mobile phones online when I was a student at university. I'm also on the board of a non-profit called The Entrepreneurial Exchange, and until I relocated to the bay area I was the curator of the Startup Digest in London, with over 5000 members.
SaaS / productivity / collaboration / SMBs. We'd like to find someone who complements myself and my existing semi-tech cofounder. Teamly has users, press and investor interest and early revenues. Teamly is like Basecamp, but instead of managing projects, it's about managing people. I saw the need for a software solution to help manage people and employees in the workplace as I grew my last business.
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productivity, B2B, management, collaboration, HR, SaaS
Qualities of Ideal Co-founder:
An ideal cofounder would be an engineer, at roughly the same stage in life as me, who is keen to be an integral part of Teamly and help me take it to the next level, by building an engineering team and working on product development. Crucially you need to be passionate and interested in the team/collaboration/productivity space. My cofounder would support you technically, although his main focus is user acquisition and analytics.
Current Status:
Looking for a Co-Founder
Other comments:
If you're at all interested in what we're doing, please get in touch! We're keen to speak to anyone with any of the required skills.
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Product Management / Customer Development
Strategy/Business Development
Product Vision
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Back End Development
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Product Vision
Product Management/Customer Development